How to Choose the Right Bowling Ball

How to Choose the Right Bowling Ball

Practicing bowling with the ideal ball will dramatically improve your ability to score and your effectiveness, but there are a lot of types and sizes of balls. For those who have just started in this exciting sport, buying the perfect ball for their skill is, in general, an overwhelming task that can end up discouraging, so it is advisable to consult your local equipment store or bowling alley for help. However, we will give you some tips beforehand:

The weight of the bowling ball is essential

Many make the mistake of buying a ball heavier than they can control. It is quite common for novice bowlers to buy balls of more than 16 pounds because they think that they will knock down bowling more easily with them. This can even be dangerous, since it can even lead to arm or back injuries. In addition, due to the excessive weight, it will cost you much more to control the ball, with which you will lose accuracy in your launch. Keep in mind that, in each game, it is normal to throw up 23 times. After a while, your arm gets tired and your game can be negatively affected.

In what bowling alley are you going to play?

Each bowling center is different and has its characteristics, with lanes that can change much from one center to another. It is interesting, therefore, to ask yourself where you are going to play bowling more often. Are you going to play in the same lanes for weeks (or months) maybe in a bowling league? Or are you going to change your bowling center frequently? When choosing a place to play bowling, you have to consider what the lane is like. For example, if it is fast lanes, there are special adapted balls. If you plan to practice this sport in different lanes and conditions, it may be interesting to invest in 2 different balls for different lane conditions.

Ask your friends for the balls they use

Find friends who have a game style similar to yours and ask them which ball they use. Understand why they bought that ball and not another and how it has helped them improve their score. You should also ask what difficulties you have encountered playing with that ball. It would also be very advantageous to find a friend who plays similarly and ask him to try his bowling ball.

Choose the ball that you like

It's easy to find plastic balls in stores for just $ 50 or even less. If you are looking for something better, reactive resin balls are priced around $ 100, but higher quality ones can cost several hundred dollars. And not everything depends on the materials, the design and the adornment of the ball also influence the price.

Get it drilled!

Anyone can buy pre-drilled balls, but before recommending one of those, it may be better to save the money and use one of the bowling balls. Keep in mind that a ball pierced with the precise measurements of your hand gives you more control in the launch and also greatly reduces the risk of injury. From here we recommend that you go to a professional to measure your hand and make holes adapted to you. There are even stores that include custom perforation in the price of the ball, so you should not overlook this.

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